Nerd alert — The sequel!

1 07 2008

This weekend I attended the Driven Conference…it’s for young adults in the Grace Brethren Church…sort of…

Anyway, aside from all of the Christ-centric things I took away from the weekend, I discovered this little nugget of a website (thanks to James Joiner for the word):

Here’s a taste:

It’s completely rad. Check it out.


The great Obamination

5 03 2008

I can’t say I’m all that surprised. Clinton won Ohio. Honestly, I’m not even all that sure why I wanted Obama. He just seems to promise something…different. I’m sick of Clintons and Bushes. And something about McCain just makes me nervous.

Most of the time I feel like a Democrat trapped in the body of a Republican. Or maybe a Republican trapped in the body of a Democrat. That doesn’t exactly make me a centrist does it?

And I want this button. It’s ridiculous.


Politics schmolitics

28 01 2008

A while back I stumbled upon an indispensable tool for nerdily wasting time. At, you can view detailed maps tracking the voting patterns in presidential elections since 1789 (Senatorial and gubernatorial results are included too, but not as far back). The site breaks the country down into individual states — you can even see county-by-county results!

Where else can you so easily find out that John Jay garnered 9 electoral votes in 1789?

…Or that voter turnout hasn’t been above 55.3% since 1968?

…Or that Progressive Party candidate Robert LaFollette, a man who uttered the words “the will of the people shall be the law of the land,” received 16.61% of the popular vote in 1924? Those were heady days, friends!

Educate thyself!


Red=Democratic; Blue=Republican; Green=Progressive